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web server analysis and development

Basiscore: Web server

one of the Manzoomeh Negaran professional services is Paas (Platform as a service(.

The tested and developed sample of this kind of software is a webserver which is coded through this platform. having said that, it is obvious that it is easy for Customers to Customize the ervice based on what they need up to creating even a totally new product.

Now BasisCore webserver is the only webserver which is completely code and produce in Iran which works like IIS and Apache and can provide clients with web contents. Moreover, BasisCore web server provides developers with unique possibilities coding, development and customization. This project is feeding more than 1000 web sites which most of them are active E-Shoppings.

• This Web server can power more than 3 times the Apache Web site on SSL sites

• Default functions for presenting DDOS attacks

• Contains Server Overloading Prevention

• Virtual host chroot functionality

• Ability to run on a variety of Microsoft OS (not necessarily server versions)

•Ability to run on low resource servers (including RAM, CPU)

• Access to files from the database option

• Compatible with a variety of VPSs for higher power hosting

• Ability to customization and customization for specific requests

• Support for different Filetype and deployment capabilities

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